The Frame Shop

Original Story - TV Series

(25 min)

Detroit, 1990. Money is moving, art is booming. The scene's two favorite underground art dealers, Abner and Jesse, make moves to expand their business to framing and exhibitions. They open The Frame Shop to get the creatives, the cash, and the fine women in one place. But don't forget, it still gets dirty in the D.


Adapted TV Pilot & 3 Season Outline

(60 min)

A prodigy hematologist finds a minimally invasive and pharmaceutical-free way to cure blood disease by using ancient African techniques.

Soul Eater

Adapted Short Film

(15-20 min)

Cira is trying to figure out why she just lets things happen around her. No one is listening, no one sees what she sees. It's eating her alive.


Web Series Collaboration

(5-7 min)

A small handful of the actual handful of minorities in Portland, Oregon (transplants and natives) interact and adjust to the caravans people moving to the city every day. They get blow jobs in bathrooms, they date outside their race. They howl at the moon. They sort of resent themselves and each other. People are the worst...