Now, you're a stranger on your own planet...

Zuri McWhorter is a writer, filmmaker, and publisher. She was born, raised, and educated in Detroit. 

Zuri started Meta Lark Press, under which she publishes her poetry chapbooks and the quarterly international publication Juste Milieu Zine. She has organized the Juste Milieu Literary Festival, a free community event in Detroit. Zuri has appeared on literary and film panels across the city, including the Freep Film Fest and Cinema Detroit. 

As a filmmaker, she has written for the screen and serves as a cinematographer for PencilBody Productions and FreshFlix.TV.


"Zuri McWhorter’s writing is like your everyday morning coffee, it goes smoothly down your soul, the taste of every rhythmic line leaving you gluttonous. And as you give into your glutton [and swipe through her Instagram] you start to see a painted picture form, twisting art into words. There’s a fresh edge to her prose, the thoughts of a [23-year-old] woman’s unapologetic views on love, experiences, and life."

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